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MTBS3D RT @Vanessa_FMX: Immerse urself! Groundbreaking VR applications will be showcased for everyone to test at the VR EXPERIENCE #fmx2015 http:/…
MTBS3D Next Generation Virtual World presented by @TO_siggraph featuring Dr. Michael Macedonia! #VR
MTBS3D Thanks to @kentbye for the awesome interview with Neil on @voicesofvr! #VR #VirtualReality
MTBS3D RT @kentbye: Neil Schneider built a coalition of 3D gamers that helped catalyze the #VR renaissance with @MTBS3D & @PalmerLuckey: http://t.…
MTBS3D Great interview from Spain w/ @ATLANTISVR! They specialize in exhibition #VR & #AR.
MTBS3D Support @DescStudios Kickstarter! They are so close to their goal! Only hours left. #VR
MTBS3D Support @DescStudios Descent: Underground Kickstarter! Ending soon! Will have full #VR head mounted display support.
MTBS3D .@NextVR_app to Live Broadcast in #VirtualReality to Five Countries from @RED_Cinema Booth at @NABShow! #VR #NAB2015
MTBS3D RT @noitomocap: Thank you @MTBS3D for the #GDC interview with @Polyganz #MotionCapture #MoCap #VFX #Animation #Gaming #VR #Oculus http://t.…
MTBS3D Interview w/ @noitomocap! Perception Neuron, is a motion capture system. #virtualreality #VR

Perception Neuron on MTBS!

Still more to share from GDC 2015!  Today we have an interview with Noitom Ltd., makers of the Perception Neuron motion capture system.  Very exciting stuff!
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GDC 2015 Sessions Report

Still more GDC coverage to come!  MTBS' Field Writer Kris Roberts has a complete summary of the GDC VR / immersive technology sessions from Game Developers Conference along with his personal take on what he saw.  GDC has placed all their sessions online from the show via the GDC Vault, so check this out first so you are certain to watch what's right for you.
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Survey Supports Demand For VR!

It's all about the gamers, or so it seems! has revealed a very exciting study for the VR industry at large. Based on an estimated 180.5 million respondents aged 11-64 who were jointly surveyed by IPSOS and GameTrack, 44% have a demonstrated interest in VR technology - gamers in particular.

The core question asked was:

"New 'virtual reality' technology will soon be available, allowing you to experience more immersive entertainment at home. Wearing a special headset linked to devices such as computers or games consoles, you will be able to move around within virtual three dimensional environments and see and hear as if you were actually there. This could include playing video games, as well as interacting with other content (such as films or simulated environments).

Assuming the price was acceptable to you, how interested would you be in having this type of 'virtual reality' technology at home?"

9% of all respondents were "very interested" in buying a VR headset, 24% were "somewhat interested", 21% were "not very interested", and 39% had no interest at all. While this is just over a third of the sample, the enthusiasm for VR rises to 44% when focused on the gamers alone.  They survey was limited to Spain, the UK, Germany, and France.

Very exciting!
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