MTBS3D RT @Vireio: New on Neil's Messy Basement #VireioPerception like you've never seen it before! #VR
MTBS3D RT @tomshardware: Play 'Fallout 4' On Your Rift This Week Thanks To Vireio Perception, HTC Vive Room-Scale Support Coming Soon
MTBS3D RT @alexbdavies: Do you want to play #Fallout4 on your #OculusRift? You can w/@MTBS3D's #VireioPerception 4.0 via @…
MTBS3D New Neil's Messy Basement @Vireio like you've never seen it before! #VireioPerception #VR
MTBS3D Neil was invited to moderate a panel at @FMX_Conference this week & it was written up in @THR! #fmx2016 #VR #AR
MTBS3D Neil was invited to moderate a panel at @FMX_Conference & it was written up in @THR! #fmx2016 #VR #AR
MTBS3D Neil has arrived in Stuttgart for @FMX_Conference! The live stream is here: #fmx2016 #VR
MTBS3D Check out the very first episode of our new show, Neil's Messy Basement! #VR #AR
MTBS3D First guest on first episode of Neil's Messy Basement is Bertrand Nepveu of @Vrvana! #VR #AR
MTBS3D Introducing Neil's Messy Basement, a new weekly program from MTBS! #VR #AR #VirtualReality
MTBS3D RT @Vanessa_FMX: The calm before the storm at the #fmx2016 location. Good to be back in the #castle. Prepping venue starts today. https://…
MTBS3D Minecrift released with Oculus SDK 1.3 support!#Minecrift #Oculus #VR
MTBS3D Virtual Reality’s PC Mass Market: When and Why #VR #VirtualReality
MTBS3D @JohnBerman How do you keep such a straight face? We were dying here every time you smiled. Ben Carson makes for classic TV.😂😂😂
MTBS3D The #HTCvive fulfills virtual reality's boldest promises. #VR #VirtualReality
MTBS3D Interview w/@idealens a mobile #HMD w/positional tracking based on magnetic resonance. #VR

MTBS' Rift Has Arrived!

Anyone who knows MTBS knows that we go by the beat of a different drum.  We just got the Rift today, so instead of doing a formal review (we'll do that later), we thought we'd share some fun stories about Oculus' early beginnings and how this has been significant to MTBS on a more personal level.

And yes...

We have an unboxing video as well! :-)


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YOST Labs Tells Their PrioVR Story at GDC 2016

This was one of the best interviews from GDC 2016.  Originally known as YEI Technology, YOST Labs is a story of survival and a rebirth of a company destined to provide a great input solution for virtual reality and other immersive technology platforms.  Check out our interview with YOST Labs, and congratulations to all invoved.
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Khronos Talks Vulkan at GDC 2016

Khronos Group Logo
Today we have our interview with Neil Trevett, President of The Khronos Group.  Neil talks about their latest developments for virtual reality, a new volumentric 3D stanardization format, what this all means for OpenGL, and much more.  This turned out very well!
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