YEI Technology Announces Plans

Congratulations to YEI Technology and their successful Kickstarter.  These guys are a really good example of the fighters that make this industry happen.  Their first Kickstarter failed, they retooled, and look where they are now!  YEI Technology are also proud members of The Immersive Technology Alliance.  That's one of the best parts: they aren't just building a product, they are helping build an industry.

Very exciting stuff.
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Is Facebook Making Another Purchase?

Valve Logo
Let's be honest.  Facebook buying Oculus VR almost seems like pickles and ice cream.  It's obviously not the most appetizing combination, but it's a fan favorite for pregnant women.  Maybe that's the way we should be looking at this; eating for two...

Would Oculus VR's acquisition and Mike Abrash's "departure" make a lot more sense if Valve was next in line to be acquired by Facebook?

MTBS has never been one to guess and gander...but this could be the meaningful end-game Facebook is working towards.  Share your thoughts below.
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Mike Abrash Leaves Valve For Oculus

Mike Abrash Leaves Valve For Oculus
It was announced today that Mike Abrash has joined Oculus VR (or Facebook) as their Chief Scientist.  Does this mean the fellowship of Oculus' VR ring is complete?  This picture taken from MTBS' Photocrop contest almost communicates the story.

Check out Mike Abrash's explanation online.
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