MTBS3D RT @webkitten: Really great day at @GetImmersed sharing our thoughts and lessons learned on creating immersive VR experiences! Thanks Toron…
MTBS3D RT @inmediastudio: Hoy José Luis Navarro pondrá acento español al evento internacional sobre tecnologías inmersivas @GetImmersed #VR http:/…
MTBS3D RT @GetImmersed: Immersive Gaming Panel moderated by @DP_TechLucas of @DiscoveryCanada w/ @StarbreezeAB @Sony @htc & @onwevr! #VR http://t.…
MTBS3D RT @GetImmersed: Yesterday's futurists panel w/@ImmersiONVRelia @Sony @SasaMarinkovic @AMD @im360 & @htcvive @htc! #Immersed2015 #VR http:/…
MTBS3D I just tried the @htcvive demo w/ The Blu by @onwevr & tiltbrush at the @htc @AMD booth at @GetImmersed & it was awesome! #Immersed2015 #VR
MTBS3D RT @alanjernigan: Hey @thevrbook, great talk on principles of design in #vr ! @GetImmersed #indiedev #immersed2015
MTBS3D RT @SasaMarinkovic: Great keynote by @NourseMiller at @GetImmersed: Pain points of #VR development
MTBS3D RT @SasaMarinkovic: Two lines to see @htc Vive powered by @AMD at @GetImmersed #VR
MTBS3D RT @GetImmersed: Who's going to go behind the curtains tomorrow to try the @htcvive? @AMD & @htc are getting set up!#Immersed2015 #VR http:…
MTBS3D RT @GetImmersed: Thanks @alexbdavies for the great interview with Sasa Marinkovic of @AMD ahead of tomorrow's show! #Immersed2015 #VR http:…
MTBS3D RT @Dashwood3D: Visit us at @GetImmersed in #Toronto Oct. 4 for a chance to win a license of #360VR Toolbox worth $1199US.
MTBS3D RT @GetImmersed: Heading over to the @OntScienceCtr to start setting up for tomorrow's public show. Come try @htcvive at the @AMD booth! #I
MTBS3D RT @htcvive: Valve employee uses virtual reality to propose real-life marriage
MTBS3D RT @SpaceChannel: Virtual Reality & Everything Inbetween. Register now for @GetImmersed with discount code "SPACEVR":
MTBS3D RT @BlakeStoneVR: Can't wait! Some VR leaders @GetImmersed in Toronto! Great line up with Paul Chen @htcvive & Richard Marks @Sony #VR http…
MTBS3D RT @GetImmersed: Conference and free show starts on Sunday! @DiscoveryCanada and @tomshardware will be there! #Immersed2015 #VR http://t.c…

Space Channel VR Segment ONLINE!

Very happy with how this turned out!  Thanks Space Channel, InnerSpace, and MTV!  Sorry for the slow news - rushing, rushing, rushing for Immersed Europe which is going to be AMAZING!  Be sure to check out the updated speakers list and exhibitors.  More exhibits expected to be added soon too.

Remember to use discount code "MTBSimmersedeurope" to save 100 Euros on registration.  The public exhibit access is free.

Just in case you thought we didn't have enough on our plate, Immersed 2015 is in Toronto on October 4-6.  Speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors are welcome.  This year's event is going to be three days instead of two, so let's make it special.
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Space Channel Airs VR Segment Today!

A few weeks ago, The Immersive Technology Alliance was interviewed by Ajay Fry from InnerSpace. This is the Space Channel's flagship program with over six million subscribers and a million television viewers each week. The segment airs Monday night at 6PM EST (3PM PST). In other words, TODAY!

We are super stoked because the industry got together on this so we could showcase all kinds of virtual reality solutions on national television. The HTC Vive, Starbreeze Studios' StarVR, Oculus' Crescent Bay, an IM360 camera rig, the latest E-Magin HMD prototype, and Samsung's Gear VR were all featured. An added bonus is we were able to get this all shot in AMD's Markham offices where much of their graphics technology magic happens.
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Literally a Touch of Audio at SIGGRAPH 2015

Today it's all about the haptics.  Check out our interview with the University of Tokyo.  Their SIGGRAPH 2015 demo showcased person to person haptics.  In other words, if you remotely touch someone's hand, they can actually feel it thanks to positional sound waves.  Very cool!
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