FOVE Eye Tracking HMD in Development

A new head mounted display is being developed by FOVE. What makes FOVE unique compared to the other stuff on the market is it will feature eye tracking. Eye tracking serves several purposes:

According to FOVE, it's no longer necessary to have 100% clarity over the entire screen. Instead, it's only necessary to have the highest level of resolution and related processing power concentrated on where your pupils are looking. Eye tracking is also a great tool for fast reaction interfaces. MTBS also knows that it's a nice touch when game characters dynamically adjust their gaze to where your eyes are pointed. This is going to be extremely important for convincing interactions in a future Metaverse.
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No VR at Chuck E. Cheese, But Plenty at Comic-Con!

Chuck E. Cheese Logo
In May this year, Oculus VR made headlines for joining forces with Chuck E. Cheese to run a unique VR demo for kids.  Unfortunately, according to Power Leveled, those plans had to be canned because the restaurateur has reason to believe there is a risk of seizures in kids.

The article doesn't lay claim to what this concern is based on, but maybe it's a blessing in disguise.  A marketing campaign through Chuck E. Cheese never really made sense for this type of thing because it's unusual to market such a product to kids so young.
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Cyberith Kickstarter is LIVE!

The Cyberith Virtualizer's Kickstarter is active, and is already approaching $30,000 out of its $250,000 goal.  For those unfamiliar, the Cyberith Virtualizer is a new VR treadmill platform designed to let you comfortably move around in a VR space while not eating up too much floor space.  Motions captured include walking, running, jumping and crouching.

They have also announced a Virtualizer HT version that features rumble pads under the platform which theoretically gives directional haptics feedback.  For example, if a grenade lands nearby, you'll feel it.  This requires directly supporting the Virtualizer SDK to work, unlike the other motion captures that can mimmick keyboard control until direct support is made available by the content maker.

EDIT: Cyberith tapped us on the shoulder that the above statement is incorrect. The Virtualizer HT works with ALL games.  Well, that's even more exciting, isn't it?
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