Final 48 Hours For Cyberith Kickstarter!

Boy does time fly!  The Cyberith Virtualizer is in its last 48 hours of Kickstarter fundraising.  The above is a Cyberith profile video done by SIGGRAPH highlighting this locomotion product in development.
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Laval Virtual Says it All at SIGGRAPH!

This interview was one of our first at SIGGRAPH 2014, but it actually ended up being a great way to summarize the show and its sentiments in immersive technology.

MTBS welcomes Guy Le Bras, Founder of Laval Virtual, and Laurent Chretien, General Manager/Director of the conference.
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Perception Neuron Grabs Hold at SIGGRAPH!

There is a bit of a resemblance, don't you think?  No?  No matter!  We still have a cool story to share with you today!

MTBS got to interview Dr. Tristan Dai, Co-Founder of Noitom, makers of Perception Neuron at SIGGRAPH 2014.  Very cool!
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