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Oculus Prepping a Tetherless HMD

Oculus Logo
Bloomberg reports that Facebook is getting set to launch a new class of VR headset that is completely tetherless and based on a new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  Priced at $200 USD, it's intended to deliver a result somewhere between a mobile Samsung Gear VR and the current Oculus Rift HMD targeted to gamer PCs, but not require an attached computer or smartphone.

While the details are sketchy at best, we are very surprised that Bloomberg's article reports that this new HMD is not expected to have positional tracking because Facebook owned Oculus had previously shown a Santa Cruz inside-out tracking prototype that was also a stand-alone mobile HMD.

This product announcement leaves us asking the following questions.  To meet expectations, Oculus' stand-alone HMD is going to need a great mobile processor, a long-lasting battery, WiFi, and similar display panels to what you have in a pricier smartphone.  A good smartphone is easily $600 or more (USD) and has the benefit of huge sales channels and service discount contracts.  If indeed Oculus is going to be marketing comparable technology for $200, what will they ultimately deliver and what will they have to give up?  OR, are they going to be eating a secret loss with each product sold with plans to make it up in content sales?
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Oculus Rift + Touch For $399 USD

Oculus Rift sale
You can't go wrong with modern virtual reality for $399 USD!  Including the Oculus Rift, Oculus Touch, and XBOX One controllers, it's a difficult price to beat.  This is all part of the Summer of Rift sale running at  While this pricing isn't being directly offered in stores outside Oculus, it's very possible that retail price matching could even the odds.

What we want to see is how this sales price will impact actual sales and what it will ultimately demonstrate.  Will people buy in droves?  Is price the real issue or is it something else entirely?  Do people even know to buy?  Time will tell!

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Get Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience For Free

The title says it all.  So far, the reviews have been mixed in that the experience is far too short and users wanted more spidey wall-climbing action...but it's free!

Check it out and share your thoughts.  The Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience is available for the Sony PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift through their respective stores.
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