MTBS3D RT @GetImmersed: First block of speakers announced including John Cutter, Product Manager for @IBMWatson. #Immersed2017 #VR #AR https://t.c…
MTBS3D RT @GetImmersed: Thanks @GfxSpeak! Immersed 2017 brings #VR and #AR to Toronto.
MTBS3D Join Neil & his 1st Officer in his Messy Basement reviewing #StarTrekBridgeCrew from @UbisoftCanada! #VR #StarTrek
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: I predict Gran Turismo Sport will be a killer app for PSVR. The racing is very good and the content is deep @PlayStation
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Cool! I was able to get an RSVP for PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport this morning. @PlayStation #E32107 @MTBS3D #VR http…
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Forza 7 looks really good, especially on a really big screen and fancy motion rig! @ForzaMotorsport @MTBS3D #E32017 https…
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: MotoGP17 and F12017 look good, but no VR support on launch @SquareEnix @MTBS3D #E32017
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: New TS-XW Racer with Sparco rim running Project Cars 2 in VR! @TMThrustmaster @MTBS3D #E32017 #VR

sView, iZ3D Driver News, New Forum Section

Hello everyone!

If it seems a bit slow on MTBS, it?s only because this is the calm before the storm!

We have a new software program to share with you. Found in the MTBS File Exchange (in the Downloads section), sView is an easy to use stereoscopic photo viewer that supports anaglyph, dual view, page flip, and iZ3D solutions. Written by Gavrilov Kirill, I think you will find it a valuable tool.

Also, iZ3D is hard at work on the next beta release of their drivers, and they are going through a lot of heavy testing for successful results. I will post some game screenshots from their Alpha drivers in the gallery later. A big improvement in their next revision is better dynamic shadow support.

We have also added a new forum section for brand new S-3D gamers or people with questions about the available technology in the market. Finally, more interviews are in the works for MTBS, so be patient!
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MTBS Maintenance

Hello everyone!

We are going to be doing some website maintenance tomorrow, and there is a strong possibility that MTBS’ functionality will be interrupted. Also, we are working on a registration bug, and many of you may be having trouble registering on the forums. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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MTBS Interviews Main Street Pictures!

Hello everyone! Special treat for you today!

MTBS was joined for a special interview with Aaron Parry, Partner at Main Street Pictures. Some of Aaron’s work includes The Sponge Bob Squarepants Movie, Barnyard, and The Iron Giant.

He joins us to talk about the challenges of bringing movies to the big screen in stereoscopic 3D, the direction the industry is headed, and a few tidbits about S-3D gaming too! Read the interview and post your comments in our forum.

To get to the interview, click on NEWS from the main page, and select MTBS BLOG at the top.
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