MTBS3D @m_bitsnbites @Robertsmania @oculus I don't think Kris did any taping, but I think Oculus recorded it, and may share it at a later date. :)
MTBS3D @industrychanger @natemitchell @oculus Thanks for the retweet @industrychanger! Much appreciated! :)
MTBS3D RT @industrychanger: Watch this insightful interview by @MTBS3D with @natemitchell of @oculus and learn more about eye-tracking https://t.c…
MTBS3D RT @jauntvr: Audio is half of the immersive experience, which is why we're partnering with @Dolby to bring #DolbyAtmos to #VR:
MTBS3D RT @MeditationVR: Our team is hard at work making a new #VR meditation environments! (The little fern over there is our secret.) http://t.…
MTBS3D @Robertsmania: Cool! You need to teach Neil how to do this! lol #justkidding #notreally
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: GDC VR Mixer so much Awesome! #GDC15 @SVVR @SFVR @MTBS3D
MTBS3D RT @HelenSitu: Doors are open for tonight's #VRMixer at Temple. Follow and tweet at us to win 1 of 10 #NEXTVR power banks #GDC2015 http://t…
MTBS3D .@Robertsmania Neil, looking ever the professional as always! Thanks Kris!
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Interview on VR Stuff at Unreal #GDC15 @MTBS3D @UnrealEngine
MTBS3D Breaking News:Harrison Ford injured in crash landing of plane today. #HarrisonFord #planecrash
MTBS3D RT @SFVR01: The #vrmixer is tonight. Can't wait to see you all there :)
MTBS3D RT @3DImages: The 3D Image Stereoscopic News #3D is out! Stories via @MTBS3D @ParksAssociates @pixelon3dcgi
MTBS3D RT @UnrealEngine: Unreal Devs Speak, featuring @YAGERdev @CCPGames @NinjaTheory @ThreeOneZero_ @xingthegame @AbzuGame @giantsparrow http://…
MTBS3D @frankvitz Congratulations Frank!
MTBS3D RT @frankvitz: It's official - I have a new job as Creative Director at Crytek in Frankfurt.

Women in Gaming Party VR Style at GDC

Had fun last night at The Women in Games International GDC Party. Sponsored by Oculus, the party had Crescent Bay demos running Lost, the cinematic experience they were showcasing at Sundance.

It would spoil the fun if we revealed the storyline, but it was one of those walking experiences where you wish you could step off that rubber mat beyond the confines of the room. Lots of potential there.

Back to preparing for the ITA meeting. Several amazing announcements at GDC so far including Liquid VR by AMD, a much improved Sony Morpheus with release date, Valve of course, etc. etc.

Catch up again soon!
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Show Me The Light, NextVR!

NextVR Light Field SampleNextVR just announced their new light field camera rig for VR broadcast and movie making.  What the heck is a light field camera and why is it so special?  Today we find out!

David is also going to be speaking at the upcoming Immersive Technology Alliance annual meeting this coming Wednesday morning.  The public tickets sold out fast (we've got about two to three times the attendance of last year's annual meeting).  Everyone is very excited.

We're off to GDC tomorrow morning.  Let the insanity begin!
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HTC & Valve Hooking Up on Vive!

HTC CEO Peter Chou, Sourced from TechCrunchHow about that! Valve and HTC have announced that they are jointly working together on an HMD called VIVE. The developers edition will be out in the Spring of this year, while the consumer version will be good to go by the holidays in 2015.

It's unclear if this will be a hybrid smartphone / faceplate like the Samsung Gear VR. It could just be a stand-alone product. However, it's definitely going to have positional tracking that is helped by over 70 sensors, and will feature a 90Hz refresh rate display.

They've already secured partnerships with HBO, Lionsgate Entertainment, Google, and Taiwan's National Palace Museum.

The full story is on Techrunch; see what you think!
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