The Sweetness of $3 Million For Virtuix

Now how about that!  MTBS alumni and Immersive Technology Alliance member Virtuix raised $3 million in seed funding for the continued development and launch of the Virtuix Omni treadmill / platform.  For those unfamiliar, this device lets you physcially walk, run, jump and crouch in your virtual world, and is best combined with a head mounted display for a completed VR experience.

However, what makes this story even sweeter is one of the same investors that balked at the idea of backing Virtuix (Radical Investments' Mark Cuban) on Shark Tank has had a change of heart and joined a diverse investment group to help make this venture possible.

Congratulations Jan!
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VR Jet Fighter at Level Up!

Grab that joystick and take to the skies with a new VR jet fighter simulator showcased at Level Up 2014. The game's creators were at Level Up 2014, and MTBS got to interview them!

What made this interview interesting was the process they went through to make the software work.
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Someone at the Office is Getting a Whoop'n!

Are you bored out of your mind at work?  Have you been waiting far too long for that promotion?  Is your trusty broomstick nearby?  GOOD!  We've got the solution for you...

OFFICE JOUST!  Check out our interview with Caroline Vani at the Level Up student games showcase.
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