Variety and Jaunt Making Movie Magic at Premier

David Cohen and Tara McNamaraGuardians of the Galaxy in VR?  Only on the red carpet!!  Variety did some experimentation with Jaunt to have the red carpet preamble recorded in a VR format.  Running on 14 mini HD cameras, this 360 degree capture will be available in stereoscopic 3D form on Oculus Share within a week.

That's the trade-off!  Ages and ages of encoding time.  However, it may very well be worth it - looking forward to trying it out!
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The Oculus / Facebook Deal is Done!

Oculus VR Acquisition CompletedTechcrunch reports that Oculus VR has formally been acquired by Facebook for the generous sum of $2,001,985,000 (US funds, we're sure!).  This is an exciting development because it's a valuation that doesn't just speak to Oculus or Facebook's plans.  This investment can now be used as a case study for future players in the market so they too can raise capital needed to grow and flourish.  Provided everyone chases the big picture, we've got an industry on our hands.  Congrats to all involved - now the fun begins!
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Trinity Magnum Launches Kickstarter!

Looks like we have the makings of another VR controller getting ready to develop and hit the market. Unlike its predecessors which are more purposefully generic, the Trinity Magnum seems to be well suited as the peripheral of choice for FPS games. It will of course work with other content options; it just seems to be more well suited as a gun-like peripheral.
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