MTBS3D RT @karlkrantz: The @FOVEinc VR eye-tracking headset will change everything you know about #VR. Learn more: #FOVE
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Thanks @SVVR2015, @jonpeddie @MissQuickstep @denise_quesnel @MTBS3D David Traub & everyone who joined us for our Futuri…
MTBS3D Amazing two days @SVVR2015! Thanks Nana, @karlkrantz and @CymaticBruce on a job well done! Now go take a vacation! :) #SVVR2015
MTBS3D RT @SVVR2015: Thank you to the incredible VR community who made SVVR 2015 an amazing success!
MTBS3D RT @JoshuaFarkas: A huge thank you to @karlkrantz @CymaticBruce and Nana for making SVVR 2015 another unforgettable event!
MTBS3D .@denise_quesnel @Vrideo @SVVR2015 @AMD @MissQuickstep @NextGalaxyCorp Thank you, Denise! You were a great panelist! :)
MTBS3D RT @official_ita3d: Immersed Access unveiled today at @SVVR2015! Registrants get 25%off. #immersedaccess #SVVR2015 h…
MTBS3D 2PM @SVVR2015, Dave Holz of @LeapMotion presenting The Future of Wearable Displays and Inputs. #VR #SVVR2015 #VRExpo
MTBS3D Coming up LIVE STREAM @SVVR2015 #VR Without Borders, Tony Parisi @auradeluxe #SVVR2015 #VRExpo #virtualreality
MTBS3D @tn_Investing Cool! Thanks a lot! :)
MTBS3D RT @misslivirose: Collecting Kittens in Unity with KittenVR
MTBS3D RT @misslivirose: is a site for my "living" dev project where I test #VR development and write about it! Post #1 is …
MTBS3D Right now LIVE STREAM @SVVR2015 Investing in Virtual Reality. #SVVR2015 #VR #venturecapital #investing
MTBS3D RT @MarySpio: Joined forces w/ #berkshirehathaway's Richline Wearables @ceek @ceekars #VRONE #VRShopping http://t.…
MTBS3D RT @OTIILI: #eyetracking + #vr= something I have wished for sometime now. I hope #Fove kickstarter will be a success
MTBS3D RT @Sensics: Could not attend? Here is a recording of the standards panel #osvr, @google @onwevr @official_ita3d at @SVVR2015
MTBS3D .@NextGalaxyCorp joins forces w/Berkshire Hathaway's Richline Wearables. #eCommerce #VR #VRONE #wearables @MarySpio

MTBS Interviews Cubicle Ninjas at SVVR!

As promised, SVVR was a great conference and we managed to get a few interviews before the show was done.  Today we got to catch up with Cubicle Ninjas' Josh Farkas who talked about their relaxation virtual reality software and their agency's innovative work.
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Back From SVVR!

Palmer Luckey at SVVR 2015
Just getting back into the swing of things after SVVR! It was a tremendous show; just about all the industry thought leaders had some kind of presence, and SVVR's teamwork paid off in a big way. Everyone was glad they went. Congratulations again to the whole SVVR team for a great two days!

It makes no sense that with all the rich discussions, innovations, and general futurist thinking that was showcased at this memorable conference, that the biggest story circulating the web was in answer to a question. That Oculus was open to porn, and how this somehow demonstrates they have an open platform.
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Immersed Access is LIVE!

Immersed Access Logo
The Immersive Technology Alliance is proud to announce its latest service: Immersed Access.  Immersed Access is a special NDA-backed community for professionals looking to share, collaborate, and ultimately learn from each other.  Featuring discussion forums, education sessions, blogs, and more, this is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone in the immersive technology space.

We are also excited to announce that The ITA is welcoming new Innovator or Individual Class memberships in both the technology maker and content creator categories.  Inexpensive at just $149.99 for the first year, registrants will immediately benefit from a talented industry-building community.  Additional adjustments have been made to our remaining categories of membership.

Existing ITA members will get special discount codes so they can immediately use the Immersed Access service without additional expense.  If you are an SVVR registrant, an additional discount code will be emailed to you shortly.
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